Questions about the program
#1. What is the essence of this potty training approach?
This program is a gentle, focused process where your child is given dedicated time to learn the new skill of going in a potty or toilet. 

You teach this to your child consistently over a shorter time period, instead of casually over a longer time period.
The reason this way of potty training works so well is that the child is given time and loving support to learn this new skill from start to finish, instead of a little learning here and there (which often ends up confusing the child). This is the ideal way to learn.

The first few days are focused around creating a positive learning experience and build a solid foundation. Your child will learn all about body signals and how to associate these signals with the potty or toilet.

You will gradually guide your child through the different learning steps of potty training, going from clueless to realizing they need to pee or poop and knowing what to do about it. 

This is not a “bootcamp" which involves going to sit on the potty every 20 minutes “to try”, this doesn’t teach your child anything! Our program completely avoids force and focuses the potty training around your child’s communication about when they need to go; around their signals. 

This is a major difference and a much more connected and pedagogical approach. 

#2. Will this be stressful on my child?
No parent in their right mind wants to put pressure on their child and cause them stress, especially not with potty training. 

So we want you to understand that this program isn’t stressful at all. In fact - it’s the most gentle way you can do it! 

It's all about giving potty training dedicated time in your life, and really giving your child an honest opportunity to learn this new skill.

Because often today, potty training is something that we try to fit into our busy schedule, likely when there is some time left over in the day. 

But learning like this will make it much more difficult for the child, and completing the training will likely drag out for a long time.

Our program is designed with your child’s best interest in mind. The sole purpose is to make it as easy as possible for your child to learn and understand, so potty training clicks with your child. 

Giving your child dedicated time to learn this new skill is the best gift you can give to your child in terms of potty training. It will make everything easier.

When you potty train using our program, you will feel confident that you have the right knowledge and tools on hand to create a positive learning experience, not just for your child but for everyone involved.  

#3. Does this work on all children?
You might be thinking that all children are different and that there is no one size fits all, especially not with potty training? 

Maybe you’re worried because of your child’s personality? Perhaps you keep imagining different possible scenarios playing out in your head, based on how your child usually reacts to things? 

The thing is: this is a framework, not a rulebook. The greatest advantage of this program is that it’s very flexible and can be adjusted to fit your child’s needs and personality perfectly. In fact, you are the expert on your child and we encourage you to trust your intuition throughout this whole process. 

#4. Does this approach involve bribes, rewards or shaming in any way?
Not at all. We work with your child’s inner motivation and the use of rewards isn’t necessary. If you want to use rewards you can, it’s up to you. Shaming, punishments or force are never used and we are strongly against this. 
You can be absolutely sure that this is a calm and positive way to potty train your child.

#5. Is this suitable if we have made previous attempts to potty train or will it only work for “beginners”?
This program works just as well if you have made previous attempts as it does for first timers.

#6. Does this work on children of all ages?
This method is designed for children who can walk to and from the potty themselves and who can follow simple instructions, from 18 months and up. There is no upper limit for when this method no longer works, but generally it’s easier to start sooner rather than later.

#7. Does this method require any potty training experience?
No, your child doesn’t need any prior potty experience at all, you can start completely from scratch on day 1.

#8. Does this method work on both boys and girls?
Yes, boys and girls are potty trained in the exact same way which works great.

#9. My child is really stubborn and strong-willed. Will it work?
This method usually works far better on strong-willed and stubborn children than the usual “casual” approach. The reason is that casual potty training involves “making” your child sit on the potty for longer periods of time, several times per day to see if anything comes. 

The Hello Potty Training approach is based around your child’s signals for when they actually need to go, so there is no need to use force which in turn means far less resistance. 

#10. We have tried everything, why would this work?
Parents who say that ”we have tried everything” are most likely having problems with potty training because their child is confused. The thing is, if you constantly keep changing approach, you’re not being consistent and that makes learning (anything) very difficult.

We will show you exactly how to be consistent with your child, and you will quickly notice how much easier things get when your communication and actions are clear and consistent.

#11. How much time do I need to devote to this?
The book and video course each take about 1-2 hours to go through. If you use the video course there is no need to also read the book. Everything is covered, just more condensed. 

We recommend that you give yourself and your child about 1-2 weeks to get prepared and ready to start after going through the program. 

Potty training using this method usually takes around 2 weeks from start to finish for most children. You will need to dedicate 3-4 days in a row for the initial learning experience in order to build a solid foundation. So you will need to clear your calendar and focus solely on calm potty training. A long weekend is perfect for this.

#12. I want to get started right away, where do I buy the program?
You can buy it here and get started with the course within minutes from now. Help is on its way 😃

#13. How can I return the program if I'm not satisfied?
You have a full 30 days in which you can return the program should you not be satisfied. Just send us an email to and we will refund your money right away.