Tired of drawn-out potty training that never seem to click?
 Learn why "potty training in 3 days" actually works (and how the casual approach confuses your child)
Follow a proven step-by-step plan that'll help your child understand faster
Can you relate to this?
  • We're totally stuck and I don't know how to move forward 
  •  I have nowhere to turn and feel so lonely in my situation
  •  Potty training is a constant stress on my mind
We know exactly how you feel.  We were in the same situation when we were potty training a couple of years ago.

All you want is for your child to understand. How hard can it be? What am I doing wrong?
Would you like to:
  •  Move forward and help your child build a solid foundation?
  •  Understand the learning steps that your child goes through during potty training?
  •  Get a concrete plan to follow, plus tools to solve common problems?
  •  Get access to a private support group (with parents who already potty trained and are happy to share their knowledge and tips)?
Then you should buy our best-selling program "Hello Potty Training!
"From totally stuck to now fully nappy free day and night" - Karolina Alfredsson
Over 29 137 happy families
Who are we?
We’re Sofia and Michael from Sweden, founders of Hello Potty Training.

A couple of years ago we potty trained our daughter Stella. 

We had a tough start, but thanks to some good friends we came across a method that changed everything.

Our daughter became dry and nappy free in a matter of days, and we decided to spread the word to other parents.

Since then we’ve been digging deep into the topic of potty training.

We’ve studied research reports, spoken to daycare staff, parents, scientists, urologists and child care professionals.

The result is a program that since the launch in 2015 has helped over 29 137 Swedish parents get rid of nappies.

There are plenty of pitfalls in potty training that can be easily avoided with the right information at hand.

So this is the program that we wish we had access to ourselves when we first started out.

Now it’s here to help you.
This is included in the program
Video Course
  • Step-by-step tutorials: Breaks the entire potty training process down into manageable chunks (1-5 minutes each)
  • Save time: by quickly learning the most important information from the eBook, turned into short videos
  • Modules & lessons: Clearly presented into structured, easy-to-follow modules and lessons
  • Covers everything: from preparations to action plan and trouble-shooting
  • Worksheets: Downloadable worksheets for each video lesson
Best-selling eBook
(Over 29 137 sold)
  • Knowledge & facts: Read about the 12 biggest potty training myths (and how they stop parents from having success)
  • Checklists: How to prepare yourself, your child and the start
  • A clear action plan: for the first days - full of tips and advice, clearly laid out from morning to evening.
  • How to continue: A detailed guide for the time after, with everything you should keep in mind
  • Daycare/preschool guide: How to involve your daycare or preschool in the best way
  • Night-time dryness: How to help your child stay dry at night
  • Step-by-step solutions: to common problems and questions
Support Group
  • Connect with other parents: Private access to a friendly group of parents going through, or have been through, the potty training journey just like you
  •  Positive and helpful group spirit to cheer you on
  •  Get tips and support: Become part of a community
  •  Potty train along with others: Support each other on the way
  • ​No more feeling lonely in your situation!
  • ​Accountability and encouragement
"Thanks so much for all the support!" - Jessica Widh
Package deal:
  • Video Course (value £67)
  • eBook (value £27)
  • Support Group (value £47)
Price: 141 £37

We offer you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with the program (for any reason), we will refund you 100%, within the first 30 days. Simply send us an email to sofia@hellopottytraining.com and we will return your money straight away, no questions asked. 
What are other parents saying?
The benefits
Why should you invest in this program?
  • You get the tools to really guide your child through this process
  •  Your stress and worry will go away because you have a clear path to follow
  •  You will understand where in the process your child is, and what you should do next
  •  You can fully adapt this to your child's personality and developmental stage
  •  The program gives you the confidence that "we can do this"!
When you understand what your child goes through, all the different learning steps, many things will fall into place.

What is the essence of this method?
This program is a gentle, focused process where your child is given dedicated time to learn the new skill of going in a potty or toilet. 

You teach this to your child consistently over a shorter time period, instead of casually over a longer time period.

The first few days are focused around creating a positive learning experience, and build a solid foundation. Your child will learn all about body signals and how to associate these signals with going to the potty or toilet.

You will gradually guide your child through the different learning steps of potty training. And you won’t take the next step before you feel that your child is ready for that.

This method teaches your child to listen to their body and know for THEMSELVES when it’s time to go potty.

This way your child will be a able to develop potty independence, instead of you having to remind them to go.
Is this going to be stressful on my child?
No parent in their right mind wants to put pressure on their child and cause them stress, especially not with potty training. 

So we want you to understand that this program isn’t stressful at all. In fact - it’s the most gentle way you can do it! 

It's all about giving potty training dedicated time in your life, and really giving your child an honest opportunity to learn this new skill.

Because often today, potty training is something that we try to fit into our busy schedule, likely when there is some time left over in the day. 

But learning like this will make it much more difficult for the child, and completing the training will likely drag out for a long time.

Our program is designed with your child’s best interest in mind. 

The sole purpose is to make it as easy as possible for your child to learn and understand, so potty training clicks with your child. 

Can I adapt this to my child's personality?
You might be thinking that all children are different and that there is no one size fits all, especially not with potty training? 

Maybe you’re worried because of your child’s personality? Perhaps you keep imagining different possible scenarios playing out in your head, based on how your child usually reacts to things? 

The thing is: this is a framework, not a rulebook. 

The greatest advantage of this program is that it’s very flexible and can be adjusted to fit your child’s needs and personality perfectly. 

In fact, you are the expert on your child and we encourage you to trust your intuition throughout this whole process.
Is it really possible to potty train in a matter of days?
Absolutely, we did it ourselves and so does many of our customers too. But not all children become dry in three days of course, since all kids are different. But what we want to communicate is that you CAN do this in a very short amount of time. Most of the time you hear the opposite.

It takes a bit longer than three days for many children, but close to 80% are potty trained within two weeks using our method. Compare that to months or years that isn’t uncommon today. Much of it comes down to the approach.
Package deal: 141 £37
Which age group is this suitable for?
This method is designed for children who can walk to and from the potty themselves and who can follow simple instructions, from 18 months and up to 4 years.
We've tried everything, why would this work better?
Parents who say that ”we have tried everything” are most likely having problems with potty training because their child is confused. 

The thing is, if you constantly keep changing approach, you’re not being consistent and that makes learning (anything) very difficult.

We will show you exactly how to be consistent with your child. And you will quickly notice how much easier things get when your communication and actions are clear and consistent.

Does this involve bribes, rewards or punishments in any way?
No. We work with your child’s inner motivation and the use of rewards isn’t necessary. If you want to use rewards you can, it’s up to you. 

Shaming, punishments or force are never used and we are strongly against this. 

You can be absolutely sure that this is a gentle and positive way to potty train your child.
How long do I need to dedicate to this?
The book and video course each take about 1-2 hours to go through. If you use the video course there is no need to also read the book. Everything is covered, just more condensed. 

We recommend that you give yourself and your child about 1-2 weeks to get prepared and ready to start after going through the program. But of course you can also start right away if you want.

You will need to dedicate 3-4 days in a row for the initial learning experience in order to build a solid foundation. So you will need to clear your calendar and focus solely on calm potty training. A long weekend is perfect for this.

Potty training using this method usually takes around 2 weeks from start to finish for most children. 
I want to get started right away, where do I buy the program?
You can buy it here and get started with the course within minutes from now. Help is on its way 😃
How can I return the program if I'm not satisfied?
You have a full 30 days in which you can return the program should you not be satisfied. Just send us an email to sofia@hellopottytraining.com and we will refund your money right away.
Our story
This is the story of our first potty training experience, and how we found the method that changed everything.

"I still remember that moment so clearly: I was sitting on the floor in the bathroom next to my daughter Stella who was sitting on the potty.

She was sitting there for the third time that day, but now with big sad eyes who looked up at me and said, "Mom, I do not know what to do to make you happy. What do you want me to do?"

She looked so sad that tears welled up in my eyes and I had to turn away.

I felt so bad for putting her on the potty all the time without she really wanting to.

What where we doing? I became dizzy and felt helpless and like a complete failure. All we wanted was to help our child in the best way possible...

And then I was struck with the guilty conscience.

I thought about the times we had been annoyed with her, and it just felt so wrong. Poor child, it was not her fault, we were doing it wrong, not her!

But honestly, we did not understand what we were doing wrong. Was this not the way you were supposed to do?

We had her sit on the potty twice a day with the hopes of catching something. That was the advice we had gotten and it felt like a kind and gentle way to do potty training.

We were confident and convinced that this would help our daughter become nappy free.

But the weeks went by without progress and the whole thing felt just wrong.

Quite often she did not even want to sit on the potty, and we reached a point where she completely lost interest and began to resist…

So Stella refused to sit on the potty, and we became more and more frustrated. Unfortunately we did not always manage to hide our frustration from her. We were foolishly thinking: When would she understand?

I mean - this is how you are supposed to teach potty training, this is how everybody does it! Have we missed something? Why doesn’t it work?

And suddenly we felt very insecure... What do we do now???

More thoughts spun around in our heads: Had we started too early? Was she not ready? Had we done something stupid now?

No, that was not it. There was something else that just felt wrong...

At the time we could not figure out what it was, but we would soon make an important realisation that completely changed our view of potty training.

One day, after weeks of potty training, we suddenly understood why this sporadic and casual potty training approach would never work.

What had gnawed at the back of our minds for a long time suddenly became clear:

This was not pedagogical!

To put her on the potty a few times per day, and in between putting the nappy back on, only created confusion.

We had been sending mixed messages and it had of course been very difficult for her to understand what we wanted her to do.

Without meaning to, we had taught her to sometimes pee in the potty, but most of the time she should pee in the nappy.

So which is it, potty or nappy? No wonder she was confused.

It’s fairly obvious when you start thinking about it. How is a small child supposed to learn a new behaviour, when the child has to use the old behaviour most of the time?

That is counterproductive.

The other thing we realised was that we had put Stella on the potty, without really knowing if she needed to go.

Not particularly pedagogical.

And now afterwards we know that by doing so, the child does not learn to recognize the feeling of having to pee or poop (the body signal), nor to associate it with going to the potty.

The child does not make that connection because we parents decide when it's time to go, and thus we do not give the child the possibility to understand this for themselves.

Often the potty training goes on and on, simply because it becomes so hard for the child to understand.

And when you don’t understand, you loose interest right?

So the child loses interest and doesn’t want to sit on the potty anymore. It is very common, and it happened to us as well.

(Isn’t it very strange that this type of potty training is the most commonly advised today, since it only creates confusion in the child?)

Ok, but how can you do it more pedagogical you might think now?

Well, that was the next discovery we made. Let us tell you how it happened:

We sat around the dinner table at our Italian friends Stefano and Susannas place. As always, it was very nice, Stefano offered some grappa and we talked about all kinds of things.
Naturally, we began to discuss the subject of potty training and we told them that we did not know what we would do to help Stella.

They looked at each other, smiled a bit, and began to tell their story.

When their daughter was 2 years old, they had helped her become completely nappy free in a very short time - going from completely nappy dependent to reliably dry, also at night, in less than two weeks.

We had never heard of anything like it, and at first it was hard to believe that such a thing could even be possible.

But they continued to explain the process and we became more and more interested.

The method was kind, gentle, and pedagogical, and we immediately felt we could relate to it. 

Especially with regards to the experience we were just going through.

Our gut feeling told us that this was what we had been looking for.

For the first time since we started potty training we felt we had a plan we could believe in - we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But first and foremost , we had found an approach we thought Stella could understand.

We wrote down the key points on a piece of paper, went home, and started to prepare ourselves.

Thanks to their story, we could now organise the potty training in a way that Stella understood almost immediately.

After just two days, she had understood what it was all about. She had learnt to recognize her signals, to control her body, and to go to the potty to do what she needed.

After three days she was dry at night.

It was both amazingly fun and also very interesting to see what a difference it made to change the approach.

That feeling, when we saw her run to the potty on her own initiative, is still difficult to describe. Tears of joy trickled down our cheeks.

And since then - as you can imagine - everyone we've met wanted to know how we did it.

Many have wanted us to write down our best tips and advice, so they could potty train their own children.

That's how the idea of ​​a book came about.

So we decided to write the book we ourselves would’ve wanted to read, to spread this knowledge further.

We call the book “Hello Potty Training”. It's a kind, gentle, pedagogical potty training approach that works, whether you've already started potty training or not.

The method has now been used by over 29 137 Swedish families with amazing reviews."

Thank you for reading, we hope our story can spread hope and inspiration to you and your family :)

Sofia & Michael

Follow a proven method and rule out the guesswork
Potty training using trial and error can be both frustrating and take a very long time.

What you need is a well tested, pedagogical approach, which has already helped thousands of families. 

A method that’ll boost your confidence, and hold your hand through the entire process - from start to finish.

And that is exactly what you have in front of yourself.

Everything you ever wanted to know about potty training, and more, you will find here. 

We guarantee that it will remove your frustration, and that your child will thank you.

Because it truly is fully possible for you to teach your child the basics of potty training in just a few days/weeks.

So take a deep breath, keep your chin up, and put on your best smile.

You are the parent, you can do this!

Best of luck!

Sofia & Michael